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Social Discovery Conference (Moscow) will be held October 25, 2012 at the Radisson Belorusskaya Hotel. We have obtained a special single room rate of Rubles 3600 (plus tax) at the for a limited number of rooms at the Radisson Belorusskaya Hotel. To reserve a room, fax the Reservation & Visa Request Form to the hotel at +7 495 2258281. You can also call tel: +7 (495) 660 4900 and mention "Social Discovery Conference" for the special rate. Please make your reservations early by calling the hotel directly. We have a limited number of rooms at this rate and they expire August 23, 2011. -- THE ROOM RATE OF Rubles 3600 (plus tax) INCLUDES THE VISA INVITATION LETTER (SEE BELOW).


You most likely will need a visa to enter the country. This is not something to be done at the last minute. The process takes about 10 business days. In order to get a visa, you first need a letter of invitation. The letter must be from an organization registered with the Russian Foreign Ministry Office. We strongly advise making a reservation with the Radisson Belorusskaya Hotel, then fax this Reservation & Visa Request Form to +7 495 2258281. There should be no charge for the letter as long as you have reserved a room there.

Once you have the invitation, then you can contact the Russian Embassy or Russian Consulate to apply for the Visa. Starting July 1, 2011, the Russian Embassies only accept online applications at HTTP://EVISA.KDMID.RU (A Government Website):

  • PDF Version: Non-US & Non UK Citizens
  • PDF Version: US & UK Citizens

  • Russian Embassy and consulate locations throughout the world can be found HERE:

  • USA (Washington DC) or (NYC)
  • United Kingdom

  • AGENCIES: Two companies that can also assist in getting you a visa can be found at ZVS (about USD $300) and also at Visa to Russia.

    Directions to the Lesnaya Hotel
    We do not recommend taking a taxi from the airport. (A) They are extremely expensive. A taxi can run USD $100 or more to get to the hotel. (B) You need to be vary wary with taxi drivers in Russia.

    As an alternative, the AeroExpress takes you within walking distance of the hotel. Their Metro system is as efficient as New York or the London Tube. (Station Names are written in English as well as Cyrillic Characters). Below are directions from Sheremetevo Airport to the AeroExpress train and then the hotel. It is a much less expensive travel option:

    Directions from Belorusskaya Station to the Lesnaya Hotel.

    Radisson Belorusskaya Hotel
    No 26, 3rd Str. of Yamskogo Polya
    Moscow,   125124

    Telephone: +7 (495) 660 4900
    Fax +7 (495) 660 6307
    Radisson Belorusskaya Hotel

    Google Map

    Driving Directions