PRESS RELEASE - August 02, 2012

Sean Ludwig to speak on Enterprise Social Discovery in San Francisco

VentureBeat's Sean Ludwig will lead a panel on enterprise social discovery at the August 6-7 Social Discovery Conference in San Francisco. Exececutives from enterprise social networks Yammer, Chatter, and Jive will join him during the session.

New York, NY--Ticonderoga Ventures, Inc. announces that VentureBeat's Sean Ludwig will speak at the upcoming conference on August 6-7, 2012 in San Francisco.

Sean Ludwig is a reporter for VentureBeat and will lead a panel on enterprise social discovery. Joining him are senior executives from leading enterprise social networks Yammer, Chatter, and Jive. The panel will discuss the implications of social discovery from an enterprise perspective. Content and media shared in the workplace often focus on projects and providing information to co-workers. But there is also now the need for employers and employees to share engaging articles and videos with each other. The panel will discuss and delve into how people connect with each other in workplace.

Social discovery has quickly become a leading trend in social media and social networking. Users join specific communities that share interests, and learn of new people, places, and things. Social discovery sites and applications have recently experienced higher levels of growth than traditional social networking models. Social discovery also can be found across all social networks in some form, even if those networks aren't focused primarily on social discovery.

Some examples of social discovery sites include Pinterest, Pandora, TheFancy, Foursquare, Yelp, Highlight, and Weotta.

Social discovery sites are well positioned to promote products and services. Mirroring the conditions of human search, users discover products and services that their social connections like and recommend. This implies a higher level of performance in terms of conversion and sales, something a traditional social network generally lacks.

About Sean Ludwig

Sean Ludwig is a staff writer for VentureBeat, and he regularly writes about mobile technology, cloud computing, social networking, and streaming media. Previously, he has written for PCMag, Fast Company, Computer Shopper, LAPTOP Magazine, Seattle Weekly, and other publications.

About the Social Discovery Conference

The Social Discovery Conference is a two day business expo that covers trends, technology, business models, investment and networking. Attendees include CEOs and senior management from social discovery, venture capital, social media, mobile development, ecommerce, entertainment, online marketing, social networking, and others.

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